Every one of these brands and organizations hold a special spot in the collection of Prisella Creative's ROI portable bar design collection. From brand ambassadors to corporate VPs and CEO's to the outstanding Directors of Marketing. Shelly has worked directly with many of these leaders and owners to create portable bars and portable catering furniture sets for their companies and their customer's.


Design options for portable bars range from simple front panel graphics to full front, sides, and top counter designs. Prisella Creative will source natural wood materials and work with wood craft artisans who specialize in custom wood furniture design. Because of the lightweight construction of a portable bar, woods like mahogany and teak need to be carefully cut to the bar's schematics and fit with the existing hardware and frame work. Prisella Creative can utilize your existing portable bar schematics to build and fit top counters that fold down for easy storage when not in use. Using unique acrylic colors and formica laminates are an option as well which will emulate the appearance of natural wood, textures, or metal patterns if adding extra weight to the top is not feasible.


You see, every location and premises, every brand element, and every environmental factor has its own notable characteristics. Prisella Creative finds those sweet spots and weaves them in seemlessly with a portable bar design. 

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