It became a niche after 15 years of designing, branding,  marketing and developing a business for the hospitality industry.



           It started with a few strokes and color blends to help develop the brand called SmartBar Products. Entrepreneurial Designer and Artist Shelly Prisella had partnered with the founder creating the company 15 years ago in 2008. She is an expert in portable bar design and brand building. She has been at the forefront of this extraordinary product evolution since the beginning. She had started as the Graphic Designer creating the logo and family of logos for the line of light-up customizable catering furniture that the company had produced. There wasn't much in place as far as procedure, process or structure - BUT... with some dedication to implement such necessities, she persevered and all elements started to fall into place. After a few years in, she became the Art Director. She developed an interactive platform called "Build-Your-Bar" which would give customers an opportunity to explore their own portable bar ideas to fulfill their business goals and vision. Not only that, she had developed the sales process that would guarantee leads for outside sales teams to gain traction, and long term accounts.  The blend of ambiance, lit up atmospheres and event experiences that the portable bar created had prompted her to delve deeper. Knowing that portable bar branding for product promotions and customization fits varying décor and personalities, she wanted to connect more with the humbled people she had connected with. For years she had worked steadily and tirelessly to help the company expand as it grew exponentially. Then in 2014 she became the Creative Director, taking on the responsibilities after the founder of the company had moved on to pursue other endeavors. Throughout the years she has built many business relationships and has become the hospitality industry's leading worldwide portable bar design aficionado. Her unique approach to portable bar design pulls in a variety of architectural and interior design elements with a flair for incorporating custom branding themes for hotels, event venue spaces, restaurants, bars, country clubs and a variety of brands. Now she extends her knowledge and expertise as a portable bar designer and marketing expert as a veteran in the hospitality industry.


          She has helped numerous clients develop programs and campaigns to maximize their ROI and expand their brand's exposure. She has worked directly with fortune 500 companies and brands such as Hilton, Hyatt, MGM, Coca Cola, Red Bull, Moet & Chandon, Absolut, Skyy Vodka, Disaranno, Maker's Mark, Bacardi, Tyku, Spike TV, Paramount Network, Nightclub & Bar Show, Bar Rescue Show Dave & Busters, Buffalo Wild Wings, Hard Rock Casino, Carnival Cruise Lines, Norwegian Cruise Lines, Cirque Du Soleil and many other entities worldwide. Shelly has had the pleasure of doing business with international buyers and distributors of portable bars in Australia, The Netherlands, France, Italy, Dubai, Germany, Canada, Israel, Poland, Russia, England and South America.


          Having a customized portable bar to serve your guests is one of the accoutrements that can go hand in hand with hospitality businesses. Hotels, Restaurants and Event Venues rely on exquisitely produced products and décor to attract the utmost discerning cliental. Shelly will design your portable bar with this in mind and care for each and every design aspect until you're completely satisfied. Portable bars provide a continuous revenue stream by offering advertising and custom design options on the portable bar's front, sides, top counters and accessories. Owners of a portable bar can upsell and charge fees to their event customers by offering customization on the bar to showcase their brand with logos, designs, advertising and marketing messages as well as interior decor themes.


          This website consists of a culmination of many years of experience and her zest for artistic creation makes her the ideal partner for all of your company's design and marketing needs. It is important for her to speak with her clients in detail to be able to create a portable bar and marketing campaign truly unique for their business. This website also serves as a place to explore Shelly's portable bar designs and marketing graphic design style to see just how far she can move your vision into reality.


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